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New Modern Sliding Door Sets

Posted by Jason Whitehouse on

We have just introduced our newest range of internal sliding door sets called Easi-Slide. They have been specially created to allow a room divider to be installed in your home by using standard door sizes that can be found in our internal door designs. They come in various configurations that can be used to achieve the desired look you want for your home.

An Easi-Slide requires 3 simple steps. First, measure the opening you have where the door system will be installed. Secondly, pick the desired design of door you want. Finally, decide on the configuration you want the doors based upon the size of your opening. It is very ‘Easi’ to do (pardon the pun) and can make your space look amazing. They can be used to separate a living room from a dining room or by adding a locking system to the doors allowing for a modern entrance to a conservatory. The uses for the door systems are endless.

The Easi-Slide comes in 2 finishes: Oak and White. The Oak Finish can be used to make a more traditional home have that modern touch to it. Whereas the White Primed Finish can be used to provide a minimalistic and bright look to your home. The White set can of course be painted any colour you like to fit in with your home. The set includes the Easi-Slide frame, all sliding door hardware such as hinges and floor guides, the pair maker and the design and number of doors included in the configuration ordered. To add that finish touch to your new Easi-Slide system you could add our new modern range of Forme handles to the doors. They are ideal for someone who is looking for some fresh Modern Door Accessories and would complement the doors perfectly.

With 30 Oak Systems and 13 Solid White Primed Systems. Isn’t it time you added a modern touch to your home?

Browse our latest collection of Easi-Slide Doors.

As always, if you would like any advice or questions on this collection then please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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